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It doesn’t rain much in Texas, but when it does, it pours! At Cool Roof Concepts, our goal is to put your mind at ease knowing you’ve invested in a durable, long-lasting product that is Texas Tough. Through wind, hail storms or hurricanes, Duro-Last is built to survive the harshest weather conditions.

The Duro-Last Advantage

The Duro-Last roofing wbr_contractor system provides strength, flexibility and long-lasting durability. The inherent advantages of prefabricated sheets are the consistency of the quality of the products that are manufactured, the versatility in their broader applicability. This is in contrast to other roofing systems such as BUR (built up roofing), which utilizes hot asphalt and other possibly hazardous components as the roof is constructed on the jobsite. Or TPO roofing that is mass produced and shipped in generic 5′ or 10′ rolls that must be fabricated on the roof in the elements.

Benefits of Duro-Last

  • Energy Savings (Up to 50% versus a black roof)
  • Custom Pre-Manufactured (Up to 85% done in factory and custom for your roof!)
  • Local Contractors (More than 40 contractors certified in West & South Texas)
  • Class 4 Hail Rating (Get discounts from State Farm Texas and Approved by TDI)
  • Best Warranty (15 year NDL covers workmanship)

Local Roofing Contractors

Our team of experienced, dedicated and well trained roofing contractors is unmatched. From the panhandle plains of Amarillo and Lubbock to Brownsville and the Rio Grande Valley no one covers West & South Texas better. We can help you find the right local roofing contractor to meet your flat commercial roofing needs. And when disaster strikes, our contractors work with the best insurance adjustors around to ensure that you are treated with the dignity and respect you deserve as their customer.

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